A system to avoid red lights while driving is coming soon


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Within a few years, traffic lights in China will interact with highly or semi-autonomous vehicles. Any innovation that might be exported across borders and reach Europe has two purposes:

  • Prioritize synchronization between vehicle passing and green switching on
  • Suppress violations and optimize road safety

Green light, Xiaomi patent

The news is related to a series of patents filed by Xiaomi Automobile Technology, one of the divisions of the Xiaomi phone giant, published by the company itself on its website for the Chinese market.

The patent describes a “Method for identifying the state of traffic lights among devices, vehicles and storage media that fall into the category of automated driving.” An image acquisition system is positioned on the vehicle to collect images of traffic light conditions within a predetermined period of time.

This new technology can determine the timeline information of the traffic lights in the car, effectively improving the accuracy of the traffic light sequence evaluation results in terms of what humans can do. The speed you set is auto-calculated (always without human intervention) to fill the green only. The result is an enhanced travel experience and a significantly reduced risk of accidents.

Source: Today


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