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Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo and Omni Review: Two Super Robotic Vacuums and Scrubbers

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From Ecovacs comes the new Deebot X1 Turbo and Omni. He is one of the best robot vacuums and scrubbers on the market today. A very high-end product that allows excellent cleaning of your home thanks to its powerful suction motor, complete floor cleaning system and advanced technical solutions for mapping different environments.

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These are two very similar models. In fact, both versions use the same robot. The only difference between the two products is the charging station, and the Omni version comes with a dust bag.

Now let’s analyze all the features of the new Ecovacs robot in detail.


Let’s start testing with the Deebot X1 robot design, which has a traditional circular shape and an all-plastic body. Up front, it has 3D AIVI obstacle avoidance technology. This is an advanced technical solution based on three cameras that help identify obstacles and furniture. The AIVI 3D system, supported by TrueMapping 2.0 technology, is based on his Lidar turret on top and can create a detailed map of your home.

Removing the top panel gives access to the 400ml dust tank, power controls and buttons for WiFi connectivity via magnetic hooks. In addition, don’t forget the non-removable 80 ml integrated water tank dedicated to the floor washing function which we will analyze later. The upper side where the cleaning start command is also stored.

On the underside, there are two side brushes, an oscillating main brush, also equipped with rubber elements, and two magnetic hooks (dedicated to the floor cleaning function) for the rotating mop cloth (OZMO Turbo 2.0 technology). Various nozzles on the bottom of the Deebot wet the cloth, and he, inserted into the rear of the robot, connects to two electric motors. A detachable brush with soft fringes allows him to guarantee a constant pressure of 6N on the floor at 180 rpm rotation.

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 also houses a 5,200 mAh battery and boasts a high suction power of 5,000 PA. Remember that the robot dimensions are 362 x 362 x 103.5 mm.

It concludes with a carpet recognition feature. When using vacuum mode only, X1 automatically activates maximum suction power while cleaning. On the other hand, with the floor washing function, the robot will automatically avoid getting the carpet wet.

turbo charging base

Let’s move on to analyzing the charging base of the Turbo model, which is entirely made of plastic and has very large dimensions of 430 x 448 x 441 mm. Base housing 3 touch buttons on top: start mop cleaning, start/stop floor cleaning, recall to base/robot exit.

Opening the top cover gives access to two removable 4L tanks dedicated to the floor cleaning function (right container for clean water, left container for dirty water). Both have lids with practical handles. Between the two tanks there is also a small removable container for two extra mop cloths and a brush for cleaning the charging base (a small brush specifically for cleaning the robot is also included in the package).

A base that houses a dedicated large compartment for charging the robot as well as for automatic cleaning of two mops via a complex system with nozzles that spray clean water and a dirty water suction system.

It concludes with a rear section that houses a practical cable reel for tidy installation of the charging station.

Omni charging base

As already mentioned in the introduction, the Omni version differs from the Turbo only by the presence of a drawer with a removable 3 L dust bag inside. The base is slightly taller than the Turbo model and houses a powerful suction system that can transfer dirt from the robot tank (which can also be emptied manually) to the charging station’s bag.

A solution to never come into contact with the collected dust with enough bags in a few weeks, similar to a conventional vacuum cleaner. Also, there is only one spare bag in the package.

floor cleaning function

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo and Omni are equipped with a complete and complex scrubbing mode, adding to traditional dust extraction. Let’s analyze its behavior in detail. In the first phase, his two mop cloths inside the charging station are washed and the transfer of clean water from the container at the base to his X1 tank is initiated.

Then use a spinning mop to clean the floor and keep it wet with the water contained in the robot’s tank. This phase also includes automatic mop cleaning, which is performed periodically or when the mop becomes dirty (X1 will adjust the mop cleaning interval depending on floor dirt, mop condition, and other factors). adjust automatically). Once this maneuver is initiated, the robot will stop cleaning the floor and return to its base. Here the mop is washed by the charging station and clean water is added to the robot tank. Once this operation is complete, the X1 will resume cleaning from the same point on the floor.

Automatic cleaning is also performed when the cleaning of the floor is completed. Plus, when cleaning is finished, a fan built into the base dries the mop (cool air on Turbo models, hot air on Omni models) to prevent odors and mildew buildup.

Ecovacs Home App

Deebot X1 Turbo and Omni come with the complete Ecovacs Home app in Italian, easy to use. An application that monitors robot activity and allows us to browse and modify 2D and 3D maps of our homes created by robots. The X1 can also often recognize the type of furniture and usage of different rooms (living room, bedroom, etc.).

The user can make various changes to the map, for example by inserting virtual barriers to prevent robots from accessing certain areas. Deebot can memorize up to 3 different maps, potentially recording even more floors in your home.

Let’s proceed to the extensive section dedicated to cleaning options. Let’s start with the possibility to perform a more thorough cleaning “X2” (movement of the “grid” robot, horizontal and vertical, see image). Then find a section to choose 4 suction levels, 3 water flow adjustments, and a time interval for regular cleaning of the mop (every 10/15/25 minutes).

You can clean a single area/room, choose a cleaning order for different rooms (e.g. kitchen first, then living room), and even set different cleaning modes for each room (e.g. kitchen and more powerfully in the bathroom) average in the salon).

I also remember the possibility of programming the behavior of the robot at certain times of the day and the section of the app dedicated to checking the wear condition of consumables such as filters and brushes.

Video surveillance and voice commands

Let’s move on to the video surveillance features. The robot’s front-facing camera can also be used to monitor cleaning activities, homes, and pets. Live camera shots can actually be examined via the Ecovacs Home app (which may store photos and short videos in the Ecovacs cloud) during the various cleaning phases and by activating the Home Patrol mode. (robots monitor the environment without monitoring the environment). cleaning or moving to a user-selected point).

Finally, thanks to this app, you can also send voice messages through the robot’s speaker.

In addition to the speaker, the X1 also has three microphones dedicated to the Italian integrated voice assistant. The assistant can communicate various activities of the robot and is controlled by voice input “OK Yiko”. For example, “OK Yiko wash the kitchen”, “OK Yiko come here and clean”, or “OK ​​Yiko increase his suction power by one level”, with so many commands I can do it. Also compatible with Alexa voice assistant, Google Assistant and Siri (Shortcuts).

performance, autonomy, price

Our opinion of the Deebot X1 Turbo and Omni is decidedly positive. It’s well made, easy to use, and has a great selection of products.

High suction power with fairly low noise. The dirt tank is not very large. The ability to move around the room is very good. I would only like to point out light occasional bumps with different pieces of furniture and limited cleaning of corners. The robot can identify even small objects, allowing for accurate mapping of the house.

The floor cleaning function is definitely a plus. Unlike traditional robots that only drag damp cloths, they can’t remove stubborn stains or scrub very dirty floors. Cleans like a traditional mop (only the vacuum function is automatically activated when the mop is removed). Finally, the charging station’s self-cleaning system worked well.

Proceeding to about 2-3 hours of autonomy, the robot will clean 150-200 square meters before automatically returning to its charging base. A 4L tank can wash up to about 360 square meters.

Manually emptying the dirt tank of a turbo model is not very practical. His powerful Omni auto-drain system, on the other hand, is excellent and can transfer dirt from the robot to the charging base in about 10 seconds. Nice integrated voice assistant and useful video surveillance, decent quality footage.

Let’s finish with the price. L’Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo It is currently available for purchase on the company’s website for €1,099.x1 omni It costs €1,299 and comes in white.

Find out more on Amazon:

X1 Turbo available for 999 euros Coupon valid until September 22nd

X1 Omni available now for €1,299 Coupon valid until September 22nd

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