Some users are fans of secret agent movies like James Bond, or there are simply certain people who want to train to be spy agents.

To be an expert in this field you need certain devices that can facilitate monitoring tasks. From 20Bits we want to mention some of them.

camera detection

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Scout is a camera detector that works thanks to LED lights that point in an opposite direction from the user. If a person suspects that there is a hidden camera in a hotel room, the lens will blink when identifying said device.

Spy pen

Spy pens incorporate a hidden camera that record audio and video synchronously. These devices obtain clean recordings without noise, incorporate an output to listen to recorded audio through headphones, the lens is hidden in the pininclude security systems, make recordings at a distance of ten meters and the microphone is highly sensitive.

Spy pen.

buttons with camera

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This device simulates a module with a camera to reading on paper or a computer screenIn addition, the user can broadcast text directly thanks to its lens made for reading texts.

Camera buttons.

USB charger

The spy microphone is included in a hidden way in the universal USB charger, allowing the listen directly and clearly of any conversation within a twelve meter radius of where the charger is located.

USB charger.

adapter plug

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It is a microphone that is hidden in a universal type plug with three sockets. Eavesdropping on conversations goes unnoticed and the operation is through a micro SIM card from any telephone company which is placed inside the device.

Adapter plug.

camera drone

Drones can be used to observe private areas because they can fly over certain areas. These devices are equipped with 4K cameras and three axes to remain stable during flight, so the captured photos obtain the highest possible resolution.

Stock image of a drone.


A tracking device is small, easy to hide, includes GPSsticks to objects via magnets, and most have an IP66 rating to withstand dust, water, and weather.

The pet tracker can monitor the pet's play, walk and rest status