A laptop (site)It’s designed to run graphics-intensive software, features state-of-the-art processors, comfortable keyboards that make gaming commands easy, and quality graphics cards.

Some devices consume more battery, data or memory compared to others, therefore, users must buy a computer adapted to their needs depending on consumption and price.

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The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) indicates in its Blog Three traits to assess when buying a laptop judiciously:

1) System requirements

If users are going to buy a laptop for a specific game, they will have to search its website for the recommended requirements. The list includes the RAMthe space of storagethe Graphic card and the processor (CPU) that guarantee smooth operation.

2) Display specifications

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The size of the screen is what influences the structure of the laptop the most because it dictates its size.

Regarding the characteristics, the ideal PC has 15 inchesa 1440p screen offering the perfect combination of high resolution and decent gaming performance, a port with DisplayPort input, a refresh rate of 120 Hz or 144 Hz and a graphics card that is capable of delivering enough frames per second.

3) Graphics card

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The most important factor that determines whether or not a game will work is the graphics card, because it is the responsible for calculating and creating the images you see on the screen.

  • dedicated: They are independent pieces that are responsible for creating the graphics that are shown on the screen. This makes games perform better than with an integrated model.
  • integrated: They are part of the computer’s processor and have to share resources with the fans and RAM.
There are some laptops that consume much more battery, data or memory than others.

The best gaming laptop brands

  • steel: Sells gaming laptops under the Acer and Predator brands. Acer models for usually end with the letter G, while Predators are all for gamers.
  • ASUS: Has two gaming sub-brands called TUF and RoG (Republic of Gamers). The TUF models are for mid-range gaming, while the RoG represents the higher-spec gaming laptops.
  • Dell: Dell’s entry-level gaming lineup is known as the G-Series, though it also carries the Alienware brand with high-end laptops.
  • gigabyte: A brand with three product lines, such as Gigabyte (enterprise with gaming capabilities), Aero (graphic design with gaming capabilities), and Aorus (performance gaming).
  • hp: The Pavilion Power range is your mid-range brand for gaming. On the other hand, it has the Omen brand for expensive games.
  • lenovoNote: Most laptops are sold under the Legion brand and tend to be high-end with a much more formal design.
  • M: YES: It has from basic mid-range models to laptops for high-level gamers.
  • Razer: Brand known for its thin and light gaming laptops. They all come at a hefty price tag and are built with premium materials, high-spec displays, and powerful internals.