Priscilla Salerno: hardcore actress running for Lombardy elections


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From hardset to pyrrone. One of the most famous porn actresses in all of Italy, her 42-year-old Priscilla Salerno is a candidate in the elections to proclaim the new governor of Lombardy next year. Artists run with the Socialist Party.

It was she herself who told “Iceberg” in “Tele Lombardia”. It’s a weighted choice, and it’s been six months since she decided on her new PSI to make her candidacy official.”

Priscilla Salerno, whose real name is Fortunata Siaco, will challenge outgoing president Attilio Fontana, a candidate for center-left Pierfrancesco Majorino and a supporter of the third polar Letizia Moratti. Because I will certainly learn something more.”

“I feel like a socialist. A party without prejudice.”

“It’s not absurd. Cicciolina was a provocation that worked well for extremists. And it was voted on by the people. I have a concrete idea and I have a serious proposal for Lombardy.” said the 42-year-old actress. It’s the same as a hard-working actress who pays.I’m a Catholic and I feel like a socialist in every way”. Bettino Cracsi would be proud of me not a provocation I have been in politics for 6 years I fight for women’s rights in the social sphere I believe women are true We want a law that allows us to be protected by

Salerno has already identified the first point on his agenda. The actress then wondered. “I take the subway, there is no driver, I have trouble finding parking, I get a ticket for the hospital, I go to the park, but I am afraid of pickpockets. I am between Milan and Verona. I live in. I have always been in Italy because Milan is an institution for my work.I know all the dynamics of Milan and Lombardy very well.

Then he began an appeal to the voters: Lombard must vote for me, because we are tired of this banal policy, this policy of words and their business only, our business No. It’s time for Mrs. Moratti to rest. He’s smart and he’s done it all. We need people willing to act, listen, participate and help to help those in need. ”

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