Citizen’s Allowance can take effect


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The method is clear. Citizen income will be introduced in Germany next year. After the Bundestag, the Bundestag also agrees to social reforms. It is intended to replace the previous Hartz IV system. From January 1st, this will increase the basic security payment by more than €50.

Germany will introduce a citizen income system next year. After the Bundestag, the Bundestag also approved social reforms. It is the flagship project of the Traffic Lights Union and is intended to replace the previous Hartz IV system. On January 1st, basic security payments will be increased by over 50 euros. In the future singles will receive 502 euros. A significant part of the reform will come into force on his 1st July. Job centers should be able to provide better care to the unemployed. Placement to full-time jobs, rather than simple helper jobs, should be better than before.

For this purpose, affected people should be made more qualified or begin training or retraining. Many so-called directives on legal consequences, where employment center posts have hitherto acted as a deterrent for many, will be removed. In addition, basic security recipients can earn more in the future, for example in mini jobs.

The resolution was preceded by a mediation process between the Bundestag and the Bundestag. The Union rejected the Signal Union’s original plans. The CDU and CSU complained that the unemployed were not sufficiently encouraged to participate. The Union no longer saw a balance between funding and demand.In the Federal Council, citizen income fell first.

Under pressure from the Commonwealth, the SPD has strengthened the possibility of sanctions for non-compliance, contrary to the original proposal by Labor Minister Hubertus Heil. As early as January, he said, such a reduction in civic income is staggered, reaching up to 30%, if the unemployed, for example, do not apply for jobs or participate in training measures. There is a possibility.

Savings assets below plan

Those affected may also save a little less money than originally planned. This so-called protected asset is worth €40,000 to him in a one-year ‘waiting period’. Others in the so-called needs community may each keep her €15,000. Retirement and housing initially remain largely untouched.

In Congress, 557 MPs voted for changes approved by Congress and the Congressional Arbitration Committee. A compromise was negotiated in informal rounds between the Signal Union and the Union. The AfD has therefore criticized the procedure as unconstitutional. Finally, civil benefits were given the green light in the Bundestag.

Source: N-TV


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