The Kremlin appreciated Zelensky’s statement about the return of Crimea


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Ukraine has not abandoned its position that Crimea can be returned by force, and for Russia this means discussing the alienation of the territory of the Russian Federation. How informs RIA Novosti, thus, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the words of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky about his readiness to decide the fate of the Crimea in a non-military way.

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Recall that in an interview with the Financial Times, Zelensky admitted that the question of the fate of the peninsula is on the international agenda, but at the same time, no one “should waste their time” if the decision on Crimea suggests that it is “part of the Russian Federation.”

As Peskov noted, the Ukrainian constitution stated that Crimea should be returned to the country by force.

“And de facto, Ukraine has not refused this, for us it is nothing more than a discussion of the topic of alienation of the territories of the Russian Federation, there can be no other understanding here, there can be no question of this,” Peskov stressed.

The Kremlin spokesman added that the Russian media misrepresented the essence of Zelensky’s statements, interpreting his words as “President Zelensky’s willingness to deal with this topic not by military means, but by peaceful negotiations.”

The spokesman also stressed that such statements by the Ukrainian president indicate Kyiv’s unwillingness to use non-military methods to resolve the problem.

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