Faeser plans to make IDs mandatory for police officers.


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What is already common practice in some federal states will have to apply nationwide in the future. Federal officers should be labeled so they can be identified in case of possible misconduct. In her new bill, Home Secretary Pfizer also wants to give police more power.

According to a report in Spiegel, the federal government plans to introduce compulsory identification for federal police officers. As such, Nancy Fazer’s Home Office draft stipulates that law enforcement officers in operational forces must wear “tactical labels” that can later be identified. This makes it easier for police officers to investigate possible crimes and misconduct.

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Labeling is already mandatory in some federal states, such as Brandenburg, Hesse, Bremen and Thuringia. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the then black and yellow state government abolished it again in 2017 with his AfD vote. In Baden-Württemberg, at the request of the Green Party, an anonymous label was agreed in the coalition agreement. Opposition comes from police unions, who view the relevant bills as a “vote of no confidence” in the police.

As ‘Spiegel’ further reports, the new federal police law stipulates that new police officers recruited in the future will undergo a security check by the Constitutional Protection Office. This is to prevent extremists from infiltrating the federal police.

These two projects are part of a larger transformation. This law was last updated in 1994. According to ‘Spiegel’, the current draft from Phazor’s ministry also includes a number of new powers to avoid danger. For example, federal police should be given the opportunity to proactively monitor phones and locate mobile phones in certain cases. This will reveal the militants’ cross-border migration routes, and operations against smugglers are also possible. It should also regulate when federal police can use technical means to stop a drone circling in the air near an airport. The bill leaves no room for the use of so-called state trojans that allow investigators to access chats on their mobile phones.

Source: N-TV

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