Speculation grows about Bolsonaro’s whereabouts


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In the immediate aftermath of his election defeat in Brazil, silence ensued about Jair Bolsonaro. His party wants to run for election but fails in court. Meanwhile, speculation is rife about the whereabouts of the outgoing president. The vice president says he can’t wear pants at the moment.

Jair Bolsonaro has gone into hiding since his defeat in the Brazilian presidential election. He has been confined to his residence, creating an uneasy atmosphere of a power vacuum in the country. did not attend.

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Bolsonaro narrowly lost to left-wing former president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in the elections three weeks ago. Right-wing incumbents have avoided official appointments ever since. Since then, many have speculated as to the reasons for Bolsonaro’s actions. Will he be consumed with anger?

A rash on your leg?

Vice President Hamilton Mouran recently issued a statement: Bolsonaro is suffering from a rash on his leg. “And he can’t perform in shorts.” However, the president’s office has not confirmed this information, and Mouran himself appears unconvinced by his statement. told the daily Valor that Bolsonaro withdrew to reflect.

Rumors are already circulating that Bolsonaro is planning a trip abroad on his inauguration day, January 1, so he doesn’t have to hand over the presidential belt to Lula. Bolsonaro’s withdrawal from the public eye began on Oct. 30, the night of the runoff, when he lost by less than two percent. He did not reappear until almost 48 hours later to deliver a short speech announcing his respect for the Brazilian constitution. .

strategic move?

The leader of Latin America’s biggest economy skipped the G20 meeting in Bali last week, leaving it up to the vice president to gather credentials from the new ambassador. Bolsonaro’s official schedule is virtually empty and he remains largely silent on Twitter and Facebook.

Political scientist Oliver Stwenkel believes his silence is a strategic move, as Bolsonaro could attempt a comeback within four years. From Bolsonaro’s point of view, it is concerned with “not losing the support of his most radical supporters” who are demonstrating in front of military bases for military intervention to keep Bolsonaro in power. so this is the best solution.

Supporters of the president-elect claim he was tricked out of re-election without providing any proof.Brazil’s Supreme Electoral Court on Wednesday dismissed an appeal against the election results. A court has ruled that Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party (PL) has failed to provide evidence of malfunctioning of hundreds of thousands of voting machines.

Meanwhile, online networks are also speculating feverishly as to the reason for Bolsonaro’s silence. User joked.

Denial and Depression?

Silvio Costa, founder of the news site Congreso M Fuco, said this could be “a case of denial turning into depression”. For the first time since starting his political career as a politician, he had to accept losing an election. The president also faces “dozens of investigations and lawsuits.” But he thinks Bolsonaro is “totally unpredictable.” Said.

Bolsonaro remains a mystery, but the elected winner Lula is using the time awaiting his appointment to try to establish himself as a future head of state. He has held high-level meetings and traveled to Egypt for the UN Climate Summit. There he announced his new beginning: “Brazil is back,” said the future president.

Source: N-TV

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