Nebenzya named the country that benefited from the sabotage at Nord Stream


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permanent representative Russia at UN Vasily Nebenzya named USA a country that benefited from the sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines. His words convey RIA News.

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He noted that what happened is not in the interests of fuel-consuming Europe or Russia, which built gas pipelines. “Is what happened with Nord Stream beneficial to the United States? Of course,” Nebenzya said. According to him, stopping the work of Nord Stream is beneficial for American suppliers. This diversion also deprives European Union (EU) last chance for independence in the field of energy, the Russian permanent representative believes.

He stressed that the EU supported the project and paid tribute to its importance. Russia, which has invested the money, also has no motive to harm the pipeline, Nebenzi said. “We consider actions to damage the gas pipeline as deliberate sabotage,” he said.

The diplomat expressed the opinion that what happened was not the work of “ordinary terrorists” and could hardly have happened without the involvement of “the state or state-controlled entities.” He promised that Russia would find out who was responsible for the explosions. Those behind this cannot claim a neutral status, which has long been violated by Western countries, Nebenzya said.

Formerly USA rejected his involvement in the attack on gas pipelines. Deputy US Ambassador to the UN Richard Mills informed about the categorical refusal of the country to take responsibility for the sabotage.

Source: Rambler

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