The State Duma called on the regions to take care of the dogs mobilized


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A photo: parliamentary newspaperparliamentary newspaper

Regional authorities need to take care of dogs, cats, fish and other animals belonging to people who are drafted into the army on partial mobilization. Pets, which the owners have nowhere to attach, need to be identified in zoo hotels, said Vladimir Burmatov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and the Environment. Meanwhile, the headquarters of the #WeTogether movement began to accept applications, including for help in caring for pets.

It doesn’t matter who to betray

Now the number of abandoned pets is growing, but the reasons why this happens can be completely different, Vladimir Burmatov told Parliamentary Newspaper. According to him, there are cases when their owners flee abroad to evade partial mobilization, leaving everyone and everything, including animals. “I don’t even want to talk about them. They do not care whom to betray – the country, relatives or their four-legged pets. And it is clear that the care of abandoned pets will again fall on the shoulders of volunteers who will rescue, house, treat, and support them,” Burmatov said.

“The other day, my daughter bought herself rodents, and the pet store said that they often began to bring the purchased decorative rats back, as they were leaving,” State Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev illustrated the words of his colleague. “An analogy was born – rats are fleeing the ship.”

No worries for a friend

But there may be another situation: when a person is mobilized, and he does not have relatives or friends who could give pets for maintenance. There are very few such cases, but the issue still needs to be resolved, Burmatov believes. This is especially true for those who have already received a summons – they have very little time to get ready.

The deputy has the following model: while a person serves, it is necessary that the regional authorities pay for the maintenance of his animals in a zoo hotel. “Usually there are good conditions for four-legged animals. It will not be expensive at all for the regions, but on the other hand, a person will know that his cat or dog, in which he does not have a soul, is fed and watered, and not go crazy, as they are alone in a locked apartment, ”the deputy believes.

According to him, it is necessary that the information where you can apply is included in the explanations issued by the regional authorities on mobilization issues.

Volunteers are ready to walk and feed

For the time being, volunteers are doing this. The volunteer movement of Russia will support military personnel and their families, promised the chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy Artem Metelev. Thus, relatives of the fighters will be helped in everyday life, with studies, they will be given psychological and legal advice. Take care of pets too. “Volunteers of the #WeTogether movement are ready to help the families of military personnel in caring for their pets,” Metelev assured Parliamentary Newspaper. – If your pet is temporarily left unattended, you do not have time to take him for a walk, take him to the vet or feed him, contact the hotline. Volunteers will promptly respond to your request and will gladly take on some of the worries.”

Headquarters of the “We Are Together” project have already been deployed across the country, organized by the Popular Front, the Association of Volunteer Centers, Medical Volunteers, and the Russian Red Cross. To get support, you can call 8800-200-34-11 or leave a request on the website myvmeste.rf.

The hotline also answered the question of what to do if the owner received a summons, and he has nowhere to attach the dog and no one to ask to take care of it: in this case, you must leave an application, it will be transferred to a specific region, a volunteer will be found there, and he will contact the applicant person directly to agree on how and how to help.

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