Venezuela and Colombia open borders


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For many years there was an ice age between Venezuela and Colombia. When left-wing Gustavo Petro was elected president of Colombia in June, the neighbors became closer again. Now they are announcing: Borders will reopen and air traffic will resume.

After years of radio silence, Colombia and Venezuela have reopened their borders. Colombian President Gustavo Petro said: “It’s a historic day for the country, the region and the United States as a whole. For the first time in seven years, trucks have left Colombia for the neighboring country across the Simon Bolivar Bridge.

Colombia and Venezuela recently resumed diplomatic relations. Since Petro was elected Colombia’s first left-wing president on June 19, there has been a gradual reconciliation between her two closely-knit South American neighbors. Venezuela’s authoritarian President Maduro announced on Twitter that air traffic between the two countries would also resume.

Years of radio silence and border closures on numerous occasions. Venezuela’s authoritarian President Maduro shut down in 2015 after reported skirmishes between Colombian criminals and Venezuelan soldiers. We closed our borders in 2019. In order to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, the park was closed after it was temporarily opened.

Trade between Colombia and Venezuela has declined sharply in recent years, with smuggling flourishing in the border areas. Parts of this area are controlled by criminal gangs. Venezuela has suffered from severe political and economic crises for years. Over 6 million Venezuelans have left the country. About 2 million people currently live in Colombia.

Source: N-TV


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