Tens of thousands demonstrate in climate strike


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This is the 11th call for a global “climate strike” by the climate protection group Fridays for Future. Demonstrators around the world are calling for an end to fossil fuels and a rapid expansion of renewable energy. Protests are also taking place in her more than 270 cities in Germany. Tens of thousands follow the appeal.

After a call from the climate movement’s Fridays for Future, many people once again took to the streets around the world demanding more climate protection. According to organizers, in Germany he had more than 280,000 participants walking his way. The largest demonstrations took place in Berlin and Hamburg. There have been actions in her more than 270 cities across Germany. The call was supported by many nature and environmental groups.

This was the organization’s 11th global strike since its founding in 2018. Pro-climate change protesters were on every continent, according to Fridays for Future’s action map. More than 36,000 people took part in the protests in Berlin, according to Fridays for Future, according to a police statement. At a rally in Invalidenpark, near the government district, activist Louisa Neubauer called out to attendees. Now that you have the knowledge, let’s get started. ”

Climate groups are calling for an end to fossil fuels, a rapid expansion of renewable energy, and a “consistent shift in traffic.” €100 billion is needed for €9 tickets for “social climate protection” and “forever”.

20,000 participants were registered in Hamburg. Fridays for Future said in the afternoon he spoke of 19,000 attendees, 15,000 police. Banners and posters demanded “he 1.5 degrees for the climate” and a “flying mile toll” on banners and posters. “Now is the time to move away from fossil fuels and expand renewable energy at an unprecedented rate,” Fridays for Future spokeswoman Annika Littman said at the opening meeting. Activists are calling on the Hamburg Senate to make the city climate neutral by 2035, free the city center from private transport, and review climate protection measures quarterly.

“This is our world”

In the case of Frankfurt am Main, organizers called for 10,000 participants. About 4,400 people attended in Cologne, and organizers said he said 7,000, according to police. In Bremen, police counted up to 4,000 demonstrators, but organizers said he was 5,000. ” and “This is our world”. According to police, 1,300 people took to the streets in Hannover, compared with 4,000 according to Fridays for Future.

According to police, one of the biggest actions in Baden-Württemberg was in Freiburg with around 8,000 people taking part. Activists began the day of protest with a “school storm” in about a dozen schools. Small groups disrupted classes with megaphone announcements and loud music to motivate students to join the demonstration. They complained that they noticed less and less. Teachers’ reaction to this behavior was mixed.

Smaller crowd than previous protests

Renowned environmental activist Greta Thunberg gathered with several campaigners in front of the Swedish parliament building in Stockholm early in the morning. Among them, this time, was the influential Filipino activist Mitzi Jonel Tan. Thunberg and Friday’s Swedish branch of her For Future already protested two weeks ago, with more fellow campaigners calling for more climate protection, with a view to the Swedish parliamentary elections in two days. was

Thunberg shared his impressions of various climate change protests around the world on Twitter, including protests in Rome, Venice, Tokyo and deadly flood-hit Pakistan. Her Kenyan comrade-in-arms Kevin Mutai has released a video of a climate change protest on a boat on Lake Victoria. Hundreds called for more fight against climate change. But crowds were smaller than at previous major climate change protests.

From Germany, the Federal Association for Sustainable Economy eV (BNW) again supported the global climate strike this year. “We know that independence from fossil energy is not an eco-cracker dream today, but a tough security and economic policy. That’s why we’re taking to the streets.”

Source: N-TV


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