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Is Putin mainly mobilizing ethnic minorities?

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As soon as partial mobilization was ordered, the Russian army conscripted thousands of soldiers. According to initial reports, they mainly come from the southeastern republics. Occupied Crimea has also been hit hard, but the “real” Russians seem more likely to flee.

Thanks to partial mobilization, the war of aggression against Ukraine is no longer just a TV spectacle for Russians. Professional soldiers and mercenaries aren’t the only ones who fight and die today. If the administration classifies him as a reservist, we can expect all men, young and old, to be called up. But as ethnic minorities are already disproportionately represented by the invading army, they will have to pay a much higher price this time than the “real” Russians.

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Bakhti NishanovU.S. employees The European Committee for Security Cooperation tweeted yesterday everything it has seen so far showed disproportionate numbers of men mobilized in Sakha (Yakutia), Buryatia, Dagestan and Chechnya. “If true, it is undoubtedly a systematic attempt to turn Russian minorities into cannon fodder,” he wrote.

“It’s also a war against non-Russian minorities.”

An assessment shared by eminent Yale historian Timothy Snyder. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is also, in a sense, a war of the Russian Empire against non-Russian minorities. he tweetedAs in the first Russian attack, it was mostly Asian soldiers who died. the deportation of Ukrainian women and children in

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Tatar historian and journalist Kamil Galeyev Like Cinder, he suspects that the mobilization exhibits “an element of ethnic cleansing.” Although there are no reliable data yet, there appears to be partial mobilization in large cities, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, but “full mobilization” in rural areas with ethnic minorities. Corresponding written and audio statements were available to him.

Minorities have long been ‘cannon fodder’

So far, there is no solid evidence that Asians and other ethnic minorities in particular are being sent to Ukraine as “cannon fodder”. But this is apparently the case since the start of the attacks, so it’s not a big surprise. BBC’s Russian service A list of the names and places of origin of the 1,083 people who have been confirmed dead. The station used official state sources and local media for this.

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In particular, it turned out that not a single person died from Moscow, 93 from Dagestan and 53 from Buryatia. The Russian capital has a population of about 13 million people, Dagestan – just under 3 million, Buryatia – about 972 thousand. noisy “RiddleRussia“This may also be due in part to the fact that the Russian military is more likely to see minority casualties than ethical Russians or Slavs.

noisy “foreign policy” Russian independent news agency came media zone When iStories But mid-May results were similar to those of the BBC. According to this, at this time Dagestan and Blation suffered the greatest losses.

volunteered for war out of poverty

The high proportion of ethnic minorities in Russia’s aggressor forces is not only related to racism. Poverty is another important reason for this. “Most of the ground and airborne soldiers and officers come from poor Russian towns and villages,” military expert Pavel Luzhin told the news channel. al jazeeraA relatively well-educated young man from the city served in other branches of the military.

According to Foreign Policy, Buryatia and other ethnic republics are among the poorest regions in Russia. For many young people out there, a military contract is one of the few options for a regular income and future career.

Apparently, the “ethics” card also became more important to Putin as the war in Ukraine progressed. Instead, he ordered Russian federal subjects to form volunteer battalions.Warsaw InstituteLate July. Disproportionate mobilization of ethnic minorities would, in some ways, be a direct continuation of this policy.

pulled the man out of bed

Various reports suggest this may be the case. Anton Barbasin from “Riddle Russia” murmured, Buryatia reports “mobilization hell”. People were dragged out of their beds and “soon most villages will be just women, small children and the elderly, like World War II.”

Journalist writing for German media Anastasia Tikhomirova We shared a report by singer Natalia Semyonova. A conscript officer rang her bell to draft her brother, who had died two years earlier and was alive, completely unfit and ill for military service, she writes. At first they didn’t believe her when she said he was no longer alive.

yakutsk news” published a Yakut recording from a Telegram group. Another Yakut said he would have to send 35 men to a village with only 500 inhabitants: “Without them, only grandparents and a few young women with children would be “I will stay in the village,” he says.

“Mobilization 100%”

The procedure seems generic. “Guardian” quotes a resident of a Buryat village. She says she first became suspicious when the dog barked in the middle of the night. In a community of 450 residents, the village chief handed out more than 20 of her notices from house to house.

“This is not partial mobilization, it is 100 percent mobilization,” Alexandra Garmazapova, president of the Free Buryatia Foundation, told the newspaper. Within 24 hours of Putin’s order, she learned of her more than 3,000 conscriptions.

A video posted by a resident of Neryungri, the second largest city in Sakha (Yakutia), shows that the military authorities are doing this in other ethnic republics as well. It shows dozens of called men being loaded onto a bus in front of the city’s football stadium.

Crimean Tatars report raids

Apparently, Putin is also using partial mobilization to “Russify” Crimea.Twitter user describe, from which he called a friend who told him about the raid. 80-90% of his conscripted men Crimea he is said to be Tatar.

Initiative “Crimean ThoughtA human rights activist said on Facebook yesterday that about 1,000 men were forcibly put on buses and taken to the military command compound. It emphasizes that it is a war crime.

Of course, ethical Russians from big cities are also drafted. But the case of his IT employee in Moscow shows that there seems to be a double one video The man says he has no military experience at all. He’s married and he has a mortgage to pay off, but he’s trying not to go to jail. However, after the video went viral, he no longer had to go to war. Instead, he is now being called up as an “IT specialist for Moscow territorial defense.”

Source: N-TV

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