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Milonov: “Near Popasna I fought as a bugger on a howitzer”

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“Fighting is not new to me – I have already fought in the Donbass on the 152-mm MSTA-B howitzer. During the fighting, Wagner soldiers initiated me as artillerymen, so now I will continue to defend Russia as part of an anti-tank battery, ”State Duma deputy Vitaly Milonov told the VZGLYAD newspaper commenting on his request to the Ministry of Defense to allow him to officially participate in the battles.

A photo: Business newspaper “Vzglyad”Business newspaper “Vzglyad”
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Secretary of the United Russia General Council Andrei Turchak on Friday said that he had received from four United Russia members – State Duma deputies – a request to send them to a special operation zone as part of the RF Armed Forces. They were Deputy Chairman of the Defense Committee Dmitry Sablin and Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Policy Sergei Sokol, as well as the head of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection Dmitry Khubezov, who expressed his readiness to go to the most dangerous sector of the front, work as a paramedic and pull “guys from the battlefield.” The requests of deputies-volunteers will be considered by the Ministry of Defense.

The fourth volunteer was Vitaly Milonov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children. He wants to be with “the best part of our people”, who “smashes the evil enemy with weapons in their hands.” “If we don’t defend our honor, freedom and dignity now, then the West will prepare for our children the fate of their servants, as Hitler and his European Union of the first edition once planned,” United Russia quotes Milonov.

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The deputy stressed that in Ukraine “the war of the entire West is being waged against us, our future, against our children, it is acquiring the features of a people’s war.” He also said that already, where he deals with “humanitarian and civil issues, he interacts with local residents and authorities.”

In an interview with the VZGLYAD newspaper, Vitaly Milonov, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, told the VZGLYAD newspaper about his combat experience and how Russian conscripts fleeing abroad should be punished.

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VZGLYAD: Vitaly Valentinovich, how did your family react to your decision to serve on the front line?

Vitaly Milonov: Relatives reacted quite normally. To put it mildly, this is not my first time here – now I am in Gorlovka.

I have been constantly traveling to Donbass since 2014, I have been fighting as a volunteer for a long time.

Since the beginning of the special operation, it seems that I have come for the tenth time, I have lost count.

VZGLYAD: So you already have combat experience?

VM: Of course. For example, I was with the Wagner PMC fighters when they liberated Popasnaya and a number of other cities. “Worked” as part of an anti-tank artillery battery on the MT-12 “Rapier” gun. By the way, I went through a kind of initiation into artillerymen even earlier – also with the Wagnerites, then I was a messenger on the 152-mm howitzer MSTA-B. The dedication took place after it was confirmed that our volley destroyed the Ukrainian machine of the Grad multiple launch rocket system.

VZGLYAD: How do you see the results of the special operation?

V.M.: The optimal result, of course, will be the liberation of Ukraine from this gang. This is a global goal – for me personally and for our entire country. What about current tasks? Continue the offensive, liberate new territories, which is being done on our sector of the front.

VZGLYAD: How much will mobilization help with this?

V.M.: Mobilization will help to unload cadre professionals, people who are capable and ready to bring combat benefit to the country – to free them from more “static” tasks, for which there will be enough reservists. So that those who go on the offensive are not distracted, for example, by organizing defense in the rear. This will allow us to distribute our efforts more efficiently: professionals go forward, and supporting forces are assigned to them – in place.

VZGLYAD: How do you feel about Russians who have decided to evade mobilization and go abroad?

V.M.: There is a part of the Russians who are alarmists, among them the panic will always reign. Well, what to do with them? They stand in lines at the Finnish border, sit in Vnukovo, cowardly hiding their faces in hoods. Such people should be freely released abroad, but asked to leave their Russian passport here and then, if possible, never return.

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