“ER” introduced amendments to the State Duma on the preservation of jobs for mobilized


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United Russia has submitted amendments to labor legislation to the State Duma, according to which employers will be required to keep jobs for mobilized citizens, according to the party’s website. “The changes we have proposed will also allow the period spent in military service to be counted as work experience, leave additional insurance, non-state pension provision, and opportunities for improving social and living conditions for the employee,” explained Andrei Turchak, secretary of the United Russia General Council and one of the authors of the bill. . According to him, the amendments provide for additional guarantees for family members of mobilized citizens. In particular, they will be able to count on the preservation of their jobs while maintaining the state, they will be exempted from business trips and overtime work that are not coordinated with them. “The amendments prepared by us will be adopted in the very near future. Similar changes to preserve jobs will affect civil servants,” Turchak stressed. Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense approved the decision not to enlist in the military service as part of the partial mobilization of a number of specialists from high-tech industries and financial sector organizations.

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