Thursday, September 29, 2022

Pino Insegno introduces Giorgia Meloni on stage, overwhelmed with insults

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The centre-right election campaign ended yesterday in Rome. All parties of the coalition gathered in Piazza del Popolo to make a final appeal to the public before the vote on Sunday. The absolute protagonist, Giorgia Meloni, who pulled ‘ally’ Salvini, Berlusconi and Lupi in the final rush. Presenting it on stage was Pino Inseño, who mentioned “The Lord of the Rings”, a story loved by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, to introduce it.

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The Roman actor stole the show from her for a few minutes: “Children of Rohan, my brothers, the people of Rome. The day will come of defeat, but this is not the day. Today we are fighting.” Here I am, an extraordinary woman. , Of course, I do not take anything away from the whole Union. A woman, a mother, the first woman president of an Italian party and the first woman president of a European party. Ladies and Gentlemen, the day will come when you will be defeated, but not this.” An onstage kiss and hug took place between Insenho and Meloni, who fired the actor to speak.

insults on social media

Pino Insegno’s presence in Rome to support Giorgia Meloni has been heavily criticized on social media, leading to insults. will”, “the controversy will surface sooner or later,” we read on Twitter, and again “his name is Pino Inseño, not Pino Inseño. What do you expect?!”. The actor and voice actor’s stance – “guilty” of publicly endorsing the “wrong” coalition – many have not forgiven him for, but the real problem is another, and someone like this user does it. I pose: “guilty” to Pino Insegno who introduced Giorgia Meloni on the Roman stage shows the aggressive intolerance of the Italian left today. Are you not one of them? You are a monster and is a target of attack. Giving others a license to democracy.” Finally, there is another important reflection.

Source: Today

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