Thursday, September 29, 2022

Election September 25: Who Are Your College Candidates?

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On Sunday, September 25th, Italians will vote to elect members of the House of Representatives and Senate. We vote for her 7th to 23rd. The electorate she has is 50,869,304, of which 4,741,790 are abroad. For the first time, after the amendment of Article 58 of the Constitution, 18-year-olds vote not only in the House of Representatives, but also in the Senate.

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Voters receive two ballots, yellow and pink. In Sicily, one-third is delivered as there is also a vote to elect a regional president.

2022 Political Elections, Ballot Copy (and How to Vote)

To find out who your college candidate is on the website Ministry of Internal Affairs The “Search for Universities and Candidates” feature is now enabled. From here you can access a list of names of candidates for the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Election 2022 College Candidate-2

The reference municipality is inserted first. Then the second field will appear filled in and you will need to enter the section number found on your election card (read here for how to get a copy).

Election 2022 College Candidates 2-2

Other information is displayed when a section is filled in: the address of the seat, and a list of House and Senate candidates in the constituency. (Below is an example of the Roman section).

Election 2022 Candidates University of Rome-2

What to do if your ballot card is missing or out of stock on Election Day

Vote at Rosatellum. It is a mixed system of proportional and majority. A portion of the seats are allocated from votes obtained in single-member constituencies with a majority of votes. Each party or coalition presents only one candidate for her, and the one with the most votes of all votes is elected. The remaining seats are divided according to preferences arising from multiple constituencies where a number of candidates are elected in proportion to the votes received by each list or federation.

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