Thursday, September 29, 2022

Calendar notes raise new cum-ex questions for Scholz

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When did Hamburg’s first mayor, Olaf Scholz, learn anything about the Warburg head of state affair? There is a nature. But Scholz and his successor, City Hall, are reluctant.

In the cum-ex case involving Warburg Bank, there are signs of a previously unknown meeting that could again bring Chancellor Olaf Scholz into account, according to ‘Spiegel’. According to a confidential memo from the Cologne public prosecutor’s office at the end of June, Scholz, as the first mayor of Hamburg, had a personal exchange of views with then-Finance Senator Peter Chentscher on the Warburg taxation case on September 6, 2017. It is Both are in constant denial of this.

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Cologne investigators are referring to an entry in the seized booking calendar for Zencher. Therefore, a round was scheduled for September 6, 2017 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am with the subject line “BGM I HSH and 17.11.2016”. BGM I stands for First Mayor. HSH stands for HSH Nordbank and at that time still belonged to the states of Hamburg and Schleswig He Holstein. November 17, 2016 is the date when the Hamburg tax authorities decided to forgo Warburg’s repayment of his €47 million due to illegal interlocking transactions.

Scholz and Tschentscher have vigorously defended claims that they influenced decisions at the time. A spokesman for Zentscher, now the mayor of Hamburg, said on request that the calendar entry must be a “false alarm”. A meeting was held in the government building, attended by Zencher and Scholz. It was about HSH node bank. In the Zencher calendar, the theme is “BGM I HSH”. The calendar entry does not contain the date “November 17, 2016 or reference to Warburg Bank”.

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A federal spokeswoman declined to ask questions about the process. She announced that the “cited calendar entries” “indicate nothing to do with the Chancellor’s sphere of responsibility.” .

Source: N-TV

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