Thursday, September 29, 2022

The fifth State Duma deputy asked to be sent to the special operation zone

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Yuri Shvytkin, deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Defense, told Gazeta.Ru that he supports the desire of his colleagues to go to the special military operation zone and noted that he also wrote a statement to the Ministry of Defense, but did not know when he would go to the front.


“An official application is submitted to the Ministry of Defense or to the National Guard. I applied even earlier to the Ministry of Defense. When I go to the front, I do not know. These questions love silence. Everyone has the right to go or not to go. Of course, there must be certain skills and motivation, but we have one motivation – to defend the homeland, I think that everyone has it, but certain skills must be: military specialty, participation in hostilities. But I welcome you anyway,” he said.

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According to Shvytkin, the number of deputies wishing to travel to the NVO zone will increase. He added that he was afraid for his life, but considered it necessary to defend his homeland.

“On the sidelines, we repeatedly talked with State Duma deputies, who also expressed a desire to go. I think the list will grow. How much I fear for my life or not – you know, only a fool is not afraid of anything. We are all worried, both relatives and friends – this is understandable, like other citizens of our country. But a personal example, and I think that defending the homeland today is not just a profession, it is a vocation, it is the civic position of each of our citizens of the country, ”he stressed.

Earlier, Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma, said that Shvytkin had submitted six applications for mobilization. He noted that they would be considered and satisfied.

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On Friday, Secretary of the United Russia General Council Andrey Turchak said that four more deputies wanted to go to the war zone: Vitaly Milonov, Dmitry Sablin, Dmitry Khubezov and Sergey Sokol.

Source: Rambler

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