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The Greens on a downtrend: Their approval ratings continue to fall after last week’s drop. Over 60% of Germans don’t trust any political party to solve Germany’s problems.

For the Greens, the current RTL/ntv trend barometer is below 20% for the first time since April. The party, where he reached 25% at the end of August, had already lost 2% the previous week and is now down another 1%, level with the Social Democrats. FDP can improve him by 1 point. Allied and other side values ​​remain unchanged compared to the previous week.

If the Bundestag is elected now, parties can expect the following results: CDU/CSU 28% (2021 Bundestag election: 24.1%), Greens 19% (14.8%), SPD 19% (25.7%) ), AfD 13% (10.3%), FDP 7 percent (11.5 percent), Left 5 percent (4.9 percent). 9% (8.7%) of voters would choose another party. The proportion of non-voters and undecided voters is 23% (23.4%).

23%, as last week, if those with voting rights have to directly elect the Chancellor and choose between incumbent Olaf Scholz, CDU leader Friedrich Merz and environment minister Annalena Beerbock will vote for Scholz or Mertz, and 20% will vote for Barebock. 34% said he would choose none of the three.

If eligible voters chose between Scholz, Mertz, and Robert Habeck, 23% chose Scholz (+2% points), 22% chose Mertz (+2% points), and 18% choose Havek (-3%). point). Thirty-seven percent said they would choose neither Scholz, Mertz nor Havek.

Green’s stats are greatly reduced

61% of voters don’t trust political parties to deal with Germany’s problems. Again, the value of green continues to fall. From 21% in mid-August, he has fallen to 12% in four weeks. The Christian Democrats could improve slightly, with 11% trusting Union parties to have political capacity. The SPD has also improved slightly compared to summer values ​​and now he is at 10%. Most of those who withdraw their trust in the Green Party no longer trust the party to solve Germany’s problems.

Furthermore, only a minority of Germans (10%) believe that the economic situation in Germany will improve in the next few years. 76% expect economic conditions to deteriorate and 12% expect no change.

Energy supply continues to be the topic of greatest interest to Germans this week (80%). The war in Ukraine he is well off with 56%. Queen Elizabeth’s death is mentioned in her No. 3 spot this week.

The data was collected from September 13th to 19th, 2022 by Forsa, a market and opinion research agency, on behalf of RTL, Germany. Database: 2506 respondents. Statistical error tolerance: +/- 2.5 percentage points.

Details of Forsa here
Forsa survey commissioned by RTL Germany

Source: N-TV


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