City Council of Kemerovo accepted the resignation of Mayor Ilya Seredyuk


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He will take the post of chairman of the government of Kuzbass. “34 deputies out of 34 present voted for,” the counting commission said. Acting mayor appointed First Deputy Mayor Dmitry Anisimov. The day before, Governor Sergei Tsivilev announced in Telegram that Seredyuk would head the regional government instead of Vyacheslav Telegin, who resigned on August 5, and instructed to begin the procedure for the early termination of his powers as mayor as soon as possible. Ilya Seredyuk was born in 1975 in Kemerovo. He began his career in the administration of Kuzbass as a consultant for the department of industry, transport and communications, and then became an adviser to the first deputy governor. From 1999 to 2003, he held senior positions at industrial enterprises in the region. In 2006 he became the Deputy Mayor of Kemerovo, in 2011 – the head of the Kemerovo region. In 2016, he was appointed to the position of mayor.

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