Thursday, September 29, 2022

Greens want rescue package for clinics

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According to the Green Party, high energy costs not only depress consumers and businesses, but many hospitals fear their existence. The federal government must therefore take immediate action and take over the high electricity and heating bills.

Reportedly, the Greens are calling on the federal and state governments to provide immediate assistance to hospitals due to rising energy costs and high inflation. Citing a paper on the Green party’s action in the Bundestag, the newspaper Der Spiegel reported that “without comprehensive measures, health facilities in all regions of the country are at risk of bankruptcy due to lack of liquidity.” .

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In it, expert politicians surrounding health policy spokesman Janos Dahmen called for immediate federal energy cost compensation. You will be reimbursed for the cost increase. Additionally, the Greens’ crisis plan provides a short-term inflation cost brake. The federal and state governments will each have to retroactively absorb half of the cost increases for things like medical products and food for the first nine months from July 2022. .

Additionally, Green health politicians advocate rapid structural reform in the hospital landscape and the establishment of a climate protection fund for the health system. “On average, a hospital bed already consumes as much energy as a single-family home,” it said. The goal must therefore be to “accelerate the path to climate-neutral health systems and rapidly reduce the dependence of health facilities on fossil fuels.”

40% of clinics fear bankruptcy

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According to the German Hospital Association, around 40% of hospitals now believe their financial situation is in crisis and are at risk of bankruptcy. Saxony-Anhalt’s Health Minister Petra Grim Benne (currently chairman of the Federal State Health Ministers’ Conference) has also voted for the federal aid. Spiegel”. Rising energy costs will again hit hospitals, already overburdened by pandemic management, hard. “That is why I support the urgent request for federal aid,” Grimm-Benne said.

The Spremberg hospital in Brandenburg filed for bankruptcy last week. The Verdi union described it as an emergency signal that “the health care system for residents in rural areas has reached its limits”.

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Source: N-TV

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