The Federation of Migrants stated the impossibility of “reaching out” to the Kyrgyz conflicting in the Russian Federation


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Earlier, the Ambassador of the Central Asian country to Russia asked representatives of local diasporas to hold conversations with Kyrgyz youth working in our state. Gulnara Klara-Samat urged her fellow citizens “not to succumb to provocations” and not to enter into conflicts with citizens of other countries because of the situation at the border. In a conversation with the Moskva Speaks radio station, Vadim Kozhenov, president of the Federation of Migrants, said that there are no effective methods for resolving ethnic conflicts, but more often the courts are guided by the norms of the Criminal Code, in particular Art. 282. “At that time, when there was also an aggravation, there were some small individual cases of mutual skirmishes, and people taught by experience are engaged in prevention in advance, this is correct. As soon as there is an aggravation at the border, well, of course, it also flows here.” When asked whether the conversations with young people from the Kyrgyz Republic are effective, Kozhenov answered in the negative. “Hardly ever. This is not what conversations are. We have 800 thousand Kyrgyz, how will you gather them in a conversation? Well, they write, in Telegram channels, in groups, that, guys, be more accurate. Because in any case, such antics, if there is any conflict, will be regarded as an interethnic, 282nd, “criminal”, this is no longer a “hooligan”. Basically, it will be just an information wave, again, not very high, not a “ninth wave”. Everyone should work out their functions, their tasks. Ambassador, as a high-level diplomat, she is a very good fellow, she is a very competent employee. Then the diaspora will tell someone. Let’s hope it helps. There is no effective way, you know. When you have 800 thousand of the population of your republic located in a foreign country, you cannot get through to everyone. They also do their job as best they can, I’m not ready to criticize them. According to Sputnik, aksakals and diaspora leaders also urged visitors to remain calm and adequately respond to various information stuffing. The escalation on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan began on September 14. The parties called for a peaceful resolution of the conflict to the CSTO and the SCO. Clashes are taking place along the perimeter of the border in the Batken and Leilek regions of Kyrgyzstan. On September 17, Bishkek clarified that the military had liberated several settlements occupied by Tajikistan during the fighting. 36 people became victims of the armed confrontation, 129 were on the list of the wounded. Meanwhile, the border service of Kyrgyzstan said that not a single violation of the ceasefire regime was recorded at the border last night. President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov declared September 19 the Day of National Mourning for those killed in the conflict with Tajikistan, the press service of the government reported.

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