Albert of Monaco with his kids and a babysitter without Charlene: megayacht vacation photos


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He flatly denied Prince Albert of Monaco’s allegations about a marriage crisis. All was well between him and his wife Charlene, with no shadows threatening their 11-year marriage, but marked by the frequent absence of the princess due to subtle health issues. “It’s unfortunate that some newspapers are reporting such untruths about my relationship and my life,” she commented some time ago, adding, “Alberto has been very supportive. We talked about these malicious articles together and he did everything he could to protect me and our children.”

But at least for this summer, the couple decided to spend their vacations separately. That could be due to the princess’s condition, still debilitating from an illness that required her to be admitted to a Swiss clinic in the past, or the need to spend a few more days off. Alberto is the main character, and his 7-year-old twin children, Gabriella and Jack, and their babysitter, Charlene, are not there.

Alberto and his sons vacation on a mega yacht

The prince and his sons were photographed in Galleria, Corsica aboard a hydrogen-fueled ecological mega-yacht called GabJac, after the twins. With no female presence other than babysitters for the children, I resumed swimming with my father and played carefree in the vast space of the floating giant.What about Charlene? There’s no news about the princess, who “disappeared” again after her last social photo on July 1st last year and has since been spotted next to her husband or elsewhere.
“When I returned to the Principality, I focused all my energy on my priorities: my husband and children. My health is still fragile and I don’t want to go too fast. The road is long and difficult. , was very painful.” I was his remark in the last official interview.

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Albert in Monaco with his kids and babysitting without Charlene: photos from ‘Kai”s megayacht vacation

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