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There will be four concerts at Boregason in Castor. If you like “Pazz”, “The Misfits” and “Walls of Jericho”, listen to 8TEMPER and the combination of punk, hard tekno, industrial metal and hxc metal. This group produces a live sound of painful sensations, like inhaling and exhaling in the chaos of the surroundings. Tying hands and feet, 8TEMPER shares its exit and encourages us to survive, forget, and move.

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See also Oshawa Sharks, a trio of Rock Groovie, Pop and Punk combined with Deedee Picklow on drums, Gray-Loon on bass, and Lauda on guitar and warm.

Lily & Slap is a guitar and two voices that mix and harmonize pop, rock and folk touches. They knew each other for 20 years, but the desire to create has caught up with the two singers! They stage Lily and Slap together, bringing a “homely” atmosphere back to the stage, bringing moments of sharing and relaxation, disconnection and liberation. They are crazy about harmony and want to transport the masses along the way!

Finally, if you like Selah Sue and Jain, immerse yourself in the world of Mad Chat with Valérie on vocals and percussion and Sylvain on guitar. This acoustic duo has a name that resonates with their hometown of Tarn. Together in the city like a stage, they combine their talents to complement each other. This accomplice and warm couple has been writing and composing new songs such as “It’s a Story” and “Moron” for three years. Victim of autism. Not only does it tell their story, but at each concert it touches people who know many families and children with disabilities!

Source: Ladepeche

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