“Smells Valentina Nappi”: Porn Star Initiative


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Valentina Nappi will perform an artistic performance entitled “Anusa Valentina Nappi” at the CAM Casoria Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday, June 17th.

This event is structured as a visitor’s experience with auditory / visual / olfactory stimulation. It is inspired by the stimulating ability of the sense of smell and reflects the boundaries between the aesthetic and sensory aspects. Prepared in essence by chef Pasquale Trotta, Valentina Nappi’s body is the sensation of the general public by implementing atavistic knowledge, memory, and a response to the very definition of reality through odor molecules. Provides itself to the experience. Artistic action is accompanied by KAMAAK’s ambient and extended sounds. Participation in performances is limited and reservations are required at [email protected]

Source: Today

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