Zorzi mourns Lucarelli: ‘Going to work is credit to her’


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There has been a lot of talk lately about Selvaggia Lucarelli and the memorial that has affected her and her family. dance with the starsBecause of this choice, many people flocked to social networks to attack her and severely accuse her of not respecting her mother. did.

Tommaso Zorzi spoke on this subject today. TZ101 inside let’s pretendin a program by Maurizio Costanzo and Carlotta Quadri, broadcast on R101, the influencer commented on the incident, expressed his closeness to the journalist, and in any case made a very personal statement that he would respect his work commitments. I disagreed with the opinions of those who opposed the choice.

Zorge mourning Lucarelli

“It so happened that Selvaggia Lucarelli’s mother passed away and we offer our deepest condolences. This is a recognition that a person has the right to decide how his or her mourning should or should not be managed. It’s intolerable” Zorzi: “This attitude gives you an almost sacred role when others want to choose how to deal with their pain. It assumes a disproportionate ego, a sense of Superman… And most of all, you rage against people in difficult moments. The fact that Selvaggia Lucarelli is a divisive character, but certain things I believe that when faced with a , we must at least temporarily bury the hatchet.

“I think the fact that she went to work is credit to her,” he added again. Think of us working in mines instead…you go there because you want to guess the pain by making the show live.how do you do that,you is wrong.

Maurizio Costanzo also said: ‘ The perspective of a journalist who finds herself in a situation where she’s working in such a complicated moment. “But these subjects have successfully done the difficult task of making me sympathize with Lucarelli. I woke up one day and said, ‘I agree with Lucarelli.’ Rain, hail, Snow,” Zorzi finally joked.

Source: Today

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