GF Vip, “Do you miss your daughter?


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It was nothing but a will. It seemed like a love story ready to make the best rom-coms look bad, but instead it all worked out in a matter of days. Antonino Spinarvese put an end to his acquaintance with the woman who supposedly stole his heart, Oriana Marzoli. The two were hiding and showing mutual interest, but then a short circuit interrupted the programming of the love story.

Yesterday, Spinarvese felt homesick, especially for his daughter, and decided to confide in Marzolli. But Jeffina didn’t particularly understand. This confused Antonino very much, as the influencer made comparisons that didn’t go well with hairstylists. I understand you, I miss my dog ​​very much too”, these are the words of Marzolli. I didn’t want him to end up like Tino, so I justified myself by saying I was trying to cheer him up.

He also spoke about his gaffe with Edoardo Tavassi, telling Gendarina’s brother: I want to meet her with something.”

Spinarvese found two people to confide in, Wilma Goich and Patrizia Rossetti, that Oriana was not the right woman for him and that Tavassi was right when he called her superficially. rice field. After an outburst of love over the past few weeks, Antonino realized he had made a mistake.”He’s not the person I’m looking for. Would you go out with a woman like this?” It’s not for me.

“Even if I had to tell her we’d stay friends, we’d have to stay in the same house. I’m also sorry she’s in another room and I feel bad for her. Forgive her I’m not talking to her anymore But maybe we can’t carry on like we used to That was the only thing he shouldn’t have done – cried Belén Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend – at this point If my ex had told me “I miss my son” at the beginning of the story, I wouldn’t have told her “I miss my dog ​​too”.

Source: Today

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