Nicolas Vaporidis makes an encore after his island victory. Ready to open a new restaurant.


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Nicholas Vaporidis after the famous Isle of Victory did not come to mind. Upon returning from Honduras, the actor immediately returned to work. As reality TV viewers have learned, in addition to being an actor, Vaporidis has a new career as a restaurateur in London. In fact, Nicholas, along with his friend Alessandro, is the owner of ‘Taverna Trastevere London’, which specializes in Roman cuisine as his name suggests. This Roman was actually caught in the magazine “Chi” a few months ago, but in the role of a waiter, he was serving tables in restaurants.

The plan of Nicholas Vapolidis

The success achieved on the island doesn’t seem to have changed the life of Vapolidis, who returned to normal life. . Thanks to a prize pool of €100,000, Nicolas seems poised to expand his business. Roman wants to open a new restaurant in Italy this time. No, the actor is orientating himself not in Rome, but in a city where carbonara and arty his chalk his alla his Judia scent is out of the ordinary. We are talking about Milan.

Nicolas documented Instagram Stories with his trusty partner Alessandro while walking the streets of the Lombard capital. A man with sibilant content asks his followers why he is in Milan. Among the implausible responses to the survey stands out: ‘Opening a new Taverna Trasvere restaurant in Milan’. In short, Isola Dei After achieving great results in his famosi, Vaporidis seems determined to repeat the success in his restaurant business.

What can you expect from Nuovo Taverna Trastevere in Milan? Folklore and a taste of the Eternal City, which is also the capital of Milan. The food served at the London restaurant Vaporidis is in fact typical of Italian and Roman culinary traditions. From pizza to classic first courses such as carbonara, amatriciana and gricia, to local second courses from saltimbocca alla romana to lamb chops.

As well as catering, Vaporidis continues with movies. The actor has been busy filming a new movie lately, but it’s rumored that he could land a role on the small screen soon. I am running to become a new envoy.

Source: Today

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