Maracash: Sentences from the stage look like Elodie and Iannone’s bargains


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There’s a Maracash song that tells of a relationship between two lovers that just can’t end despite the fact that the relationship can’t turn into something serious. Yes, it’s a perfect song for the situation Elodie is going through right now. Because it was Elodie who recently said that no one could replace her.

This is why, during Mara’s last concert, many wanted to interpret a gesture by the rapper as a sting. i don’t need a love songMaracash smiled while uttering the phrase “And you’re a bandit like me, even though the idiot you’re dating pretends to be serious.” The “idiot” in question would be Andrea Iannone, a former MotoGP rider and ex of Belén Rodriguez, who the singer recently confirmed was in attendance.

Between Elodie and Marracash, it all started in the summer of 2019 when they recorded their summer hit “Margarita” together, bonding the two in a set of video clips. The love lasted for about three years, but the last period was turbulent. Unfortunately, not long afterward, some photos immortalized her with Andrea Iannone. A love story confirmed by Elodie herself. But just a few months ago, the same singer said:

@jade_canzi Our story never ends💘 #malacca #Concertomara #I don’t need a love song #Elodies ♬ original sound

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