X Factor 2022, Episode 2: Fedez Talks to Competitor’s Grandmother


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Episode 2 of The X Factor 2022 It has become a showcase for many new talents. Dargen D’Amico came to the fore for many covers, some unreleased, and many “nos” he assigned. There was no shortage of notes of color, such as an argument between Fedez and competitor Omar’s grandmother. Or like the guy in the audience who asked his fiancée to marry him.

The X Factor 2022, September 22nd Episode Recap

The first contestant to appear before the four judges was Winter, the stage name of Francesca Rigoni. Her revision of Madonna’s production “Hung Up” earned four yeses. Giacomo Paris aka Calibri surprised and got the same result with his unreleased song “Parachute”. The 17-year-old faced Valeria Agata Romeo, Paolo Civitarese, Gianmarco Ciullo and Dynamite 36 failing to win the jury’s favor. It is an American boy named Colin McDonald who receives applause. Living in Bologna to teach English music at his school, his version of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” definitely won the jury.

Quarrel between Ahmed and Fedes

The scene is that of Omar Ahmed with an unreleased ‘image’ dedicated to his father. Between the general sentiment and her three yeses needed to get through the round (Rkomi voted against it), Fedez’s opinion (preferring the cover over the unpublished one) was boy angered his grandmother. At that point, Fedes gets up from the station and goes to the audience to clarify with the woman.

Clemente Guidi’s “Friday I’m In Love By The Cure” and Andrea Ascanio’s “Margot” conquered the judges, earning three yeses. Even better with Filippo Ricciardi, an Italian transplanted to Canada. The new ‘1e3miles’ excites Umbra, Darden, Fedes and Lukomi and overwhelms the public. At this point he comes to the fore with Dargen D’Amico. Victims still going through the turn are Nitidi, Samuele Luciani & Satura Lanx, Rossella Monaco, and Elephants In The Room. But there’s nothing to do with Matteo Spanu daring the cover of Whitney Houston. Colorful her Gaia Eleonora Cipollaro proposes the original “Cavala”. It is an exhibition considered her one of the most original of the auditions.

If Titian Melani does not fare well, other promising and promoted competitors will take their place in turn. It’s the duo of Giorgia Turcarto, the Lost Kids duo, the young Wiam Ait Bacrim, and the Haight Moss who are excited because of her family history. She tells Wepro she has 3 yeses and Gemini Blue has told her 4 yeses that she is obliged to replace the original drummer in the final moments when COVID-19 strikes. Their cover of “Hey Joe” by Jimi Hendrix will convince everyone.

Amba’s touching moment with CCCP’s cover of “Amandoti”. Cecilia Quaranta 4 gets a well-deserved “yes”. Tropea is also convincing and everyone agrees on the new ‘Technicolor’. Tania Bornassin continues with a particular version of “Suburban Girl” by Anna Tatangelo, despite Lukomi’s no. Dynamics repeated with Luca Farini passing the turn in the new “Oro Bianco”. Despite Ambra’s doubts, Maria Chiara Leoni also continues her cover of “Elettroshock” by Matia Bazar.

marriage proposal

After the curtain between Fedez and Francesca Michielin, Marco Zanini performs for the marriage proposal between two boys from the audience. His piano cover of Lewis Capaldi’s “Bruises” he gets four yeses and closes the episode in the best possible way.

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