‘Last Words’ with Enrico Mentana: TODAY’S PREVIEW


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Before the election silence, Enrico Mentana will host a special on La7 entitled ‘Last Words’. The first part of the afternoon (starting at 5pm) and the second part covering the entire evening. Interviews, polls, comments and curios to set you up for the election on Sunday, September 25th.

Final Words, Expectations for Friday, September 23, 2022

Enrico Mentana dominates on Friday 23 September at La7. His show’s descriptive title, “The Last Word,” reminds us that today contains the last remnants of the campaign before the mandatory silence scheduled for voting on Sunday, September 25. suggesting.
Director Mentana’s work is something of an anticipation to his famous election marathon. In fact, this appointment is scheduled for his 17th when the broadcast begins. From that moment until 8pm, Tg’s Director General will outline the elections for the renewal of the House and Senate. After this news, at about 9:15 pm, after his usual appointment with Lilli Gruber and her “Otto e mezzo”, Mentana accompanies the viewers until after midnight and speaks again. Comments, polls, interviews with politicians and journalists: “The Last Word” offers extensive and comprehensive research, and can give you all the news you need to know in light of Election Day. And awaiting the real Mentana his marathon with the voting results announced on Sunday the 25th.

Where to watch “Last Words”

The Evening Edition of ‘The Last Word’ airs today, September 23rd at 9:15pm on La7. His one in the afternoon will air from 5pm instead, both of which can be seen streaming on the network’s official website.

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