Thursday, September 29, 2022

Dead Manuel Barrichella, men and women pay tribute to him in today’s episode

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As well as a message with a photo of him published on social media, it was addressed to his former suitor, tattoo artist Manuel Barrichella, who died in the past few hours at the age of only 35. men and women He also wanted to secure more memories at the end of today’s episode, Wednesday, September 21st. “Hello Manuel, may the earth give you light,” said the editorial staff of the show Maria de Filippi, in a video dedicated to him, a collection of images depicting him during his experiences in the television studio In the background, the song of Titian Ferro Fate of those who lived in love: “My story begins where you know it. From whispers and closed-lip accusations, and dreams sealed in tears, to tattoos as shields in veins that you’ll never forget.. .”.

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(Below is the video that was broadcast to men and women today)

Death of Manuel Barrichella

Manuel Barrichella’s disappearance shocked the public who knew him. men and women, but most of all friends for life. The first to break the news was Enrico Ciriaci, who spoke of a spontaneous gesture. “He took his own life for reasons we all know,” he said, reflecting on Manuel’s later years. “He wasn’t the kind of person to put his problems on the outside, he kept everything inside. He said he was 35 and unable to play “soccer”.

Source: Today

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