Thursday, September 29, 2022

Toulouse: Espace Roguet kicks off its 10th anniversary season

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This Thursday evening, the atmosphere is doubly festive as we approach the start of the new season at the Espace Rogé, a cultural venue supported by the Haute-Garonne departmental council. As explained by Sylvie Castro, Director of the Department of Life and Visual Arts (DAVV), the season-opening program will indeed be presented with many proposals, moments of joy and conviviality. Strengthen the programming focus on cultural policy values ​​of the Departmental Council. If I had to sum it up in one word, it would be “link”. Links between artists, links between artists and audiences, links between different artistic disciplines, links between cultural actors, links between areas (urban loge/rural), links for fraternities/sororities, strong this season Axes are essential for everyone. for a better life. Activities carried out over the past decade include 144 artist residencies, 260 artist teams, 380 shows held here, and 160 compulsory mediation activities (workshops, expert meetings, etc.) From, it proves brightly.

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In this way, Espace Rogge is evolving. The Technical Park has just been renewed (new sound and light consoles, new projectors, etc.) and a new fresco entitled ‘Entrevoir’ has recently graced the façade, modernizing the whole and scheduled to be inaugurated this Thursday. It is signed by the artist of Toulouse, Mondet and the artist of Nantes, The Blind. They worked over the summer as part of Urban Culture Week and following a call for projects. On the same night, the show “And When I Look Under My Eyes” by Ines Fehner (Agit Theater) questions the immobility of society and the urgency of political and constructive approaches. Several important meetings mark the course of the season in October. A presentation of the play “Syba” by Abdelakim Didane (Draoui Productions) evokes the current assertion of identity through the career of this talented actor/writer (Thursday, October 6, 8:30 PM). Director of the Department Museum of Resistance and Deportation) and Jean-Luc Lalons (responsible for the Chemins de la République initiative supported by the Departmental Council). This will be followed by a conference his show “Aller sanssavoiroù” by François Gremaud (2b company), where he will discuss his own writing process. And in October, DAVV announced ‘Lumière! “So Jazz” by Friday 8:30pm. Finally, a wonderful perspective with the “Drôle de trame” reporting on the work of the Merci Group and Mr. Jacques Mitch, his Director of Toulouse, who went to see the disabled workers of ASEI (Saturday, December 3rd, 8:30 ). afternoon, audience from 12).

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Thursday, September 22nd at 6:30 pm at Espace Roguet (9, rue de Gascogne). free event. like that. 05 34 45 58 30.

Source: Ladepeche

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