Thursday, September 29, 2022

“I used to rent my house to Ambra and Allegri, but now she doesn’t want to leave”.

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In an interview with Selvaggia Lucarelli, if in his Instagram story he didn’t explicitly mention Ambra Angiolini tomorrow Silvia Sritti has revealed that yes, it is she who occupies her home in Milan and is the actress of the X Factor team today. Famous event organizer and former football player Giampaolo Pazzini said she waited a long time before deciding to tell everyone the story of her home, which was rented to Massimiliano Allegri and Ambra Angiolini in June 2021 and which she still owns. rice field. Even though she has no rights.

House rented to Allegri and Umbra

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Sritty said the house in question had been rented to a couple as established by the lease for a temporary period, ten months to be exact. However, when Ambra and Allegri’s story ended, he overcame her deadline and walked away while she stayed. “At first it was an excuse for the fact that he had too much work to do and could not leave and wanted to stay,” Sritti added. It was also about resolving the issue peacefully with Umbra, who said she was sorry. You are her September 15th symbolic date!School starts on her September 15th and I have to go home…she says she will get me home by September 7th I swear I will return to

But even this method does not solve the problem. “At the end of August, for no reason, one day her assistant called me and said that Madame Angiolini was ‘do not disturb’ anymore. Madame Angiolini is very busy and needs to be understood. Number There’s no time to face a move, if not within a month, if not within a year,’ continued the apartment owner, who finally wanted to go public with the story. He always paid me for the duration of the contract except it was until June 30. Now it’s September 21 and I have to stay in a hotel. and she’s in my room “home, absurd”.

amber replica

Selvaggia Lucarelli asked Umbra for comment on the question.

Source: Today

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