Friday, September 30, 2022

‘Catelan Will Be There Tonight’, Begins Today on Rye 2: Guests and Information

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Rai 2’s new show “Tonight there is Cattelan” kicks off late tonight, September 20th. Featuring guests, interviews, music, current affairs, and lots of irony. All the ingredients that made Alessandro Cattelan’s fortune. Read more about this program.

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Alessandro Cattelan’s passing from Sky to Rye has caused a certain stir in 2021. The conductor has left The X Factor to dive into the complex and historic company. The 2021-2022 season was his starting point for Cattelan, but it was also an adjustment period. After his first two nights on the show “As an Adult” and his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest starting September 20, 2022, he will return to his natural habitat. : his second TV evening in which he provided much of the material that made fortunes on the talk show And then there is Cattelan, which aired on Sky Uno from 2014 to his 2020. Like the Sky program, the new ‘Tonight there is Cattelan’ is openly inspired by American late-night talk shows, with interviews, guests and music, as well as deeper reflections on contemporaneity.

The guests

Cattelan’s management is characterized not only by strong sarcasm, lightness and light rhythms, but also by problems of many kinds and not taken for granted. A faithful Street Clarks and a new Mike Lennon were announced to assist the conductor. Guest for the first episode was a quartet of former footballers consisting of Bobovieri, Antonio Cassano, Lelea Dani and Nicola Ventra, who were very popular live on his twitch. The program “Lundini’s Una Peace”. “Tonight there is Cattelan” airs on Rai 2 at midnight on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Highlights of “Tonight in Cattelan”

The first episode of “Tonight there is Cattelan” will air on Rai 2 on Tuesday, September 20th at 11pm. The program is also available for live streaming and on demand on the RaiPlay platform. The program airs Tuesday through Thursday at midnight.

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