The artificial intelligence (IA) is increasingly perfected, so much so that many even fear its inclusion in certain fields, such as painting. And it also looks like it can do a great job in the photography industryas long as very precise instructions are given.

This has been shown Fabian Stelzerphotographer and tech entrepreneur from Berlin who wanted put the DALL-E tool to the test and see how capable he was of imitate some snapshots he had taken with their Leica M9 and Leica M4-P cameras.

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“I had the idea while I was on vacation,” he explained to petapixel. “The DALL-E recreations themselves are nothing special (if you don’t know it was created by an AI) and the prompts themselves aren’t anything special, but the juxtaposition of it all is interesting.” So, by giving directions to the tool, got very similar images which he compared

A close-up photograph of several small water fountainsforming interesting figures, the first in focus, depth of field, slight blurring, F5.6, asphalt”, was one of the texts that Fabian Stelzer wrote and got very similar images of fountains coming out of the ground. But he also tried with people, with flowers, with groups of people or cups of coffee.

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“I am incredibly impressed with the performance of the AI ​​in general and I think this is on a par with the invention of the printing press“, highlighted the German businessman.