Friday, September 30, 2022

GF Vip, Competitors Under Attack: From Genda Goria to Matteo Damante, Accusations Fly

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Yesterday, Monday 19 September 2022, Canale 5 broadcast the first episode of Big Brother Vip, conducted by Alfonso Signorini. A live broadcast dedicated to presenting his Vippos, who live in Italy’s most spied-on house for several months. While the landlords rattled off a new cast by Antonino Spinarvese and Eleanor Feruzzi, the response from other famous faces in the house came quickly, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be competing in this 7th edition of the competition’s rivals. , talking about his first hour enemy.

Eliana Michelazzo in Pamela Prati

The comments of Eliana Michelazzo, former agent of Pamela Plati, who was involved in the Mark Caltagirone Gate, cannot be avoided. The Instagram woman was the first to post an Instagram story with her mouth sewn up and unbuttoned as if to keep the scandal a secret. I mean the real ones…we’ll see some good ones,” Michelazzo wrote cryptically.

Comment from Genda Goria

Genda Goria’s jab on Patrizia Rossetti didn’t take long either. The reason may be a phrase said by the queen of telesales when Maria Teresa Luta joined the reality show of Canale 5. Guenda points out on Instagram: Reality show. Welcome to GF VIP, Patrizia. Consistency”.

Digging into the former by Matteo Diamante

Matteo Diamante’s jab on ex Nikita Perizon didn’t take long. The model in her clip of the presentation defined herself as “single and looking for someone who can treat me like a queen.” However, as reported by Diamante, a definition that does not correspond to reality. I’ve already seen this scene too,” the boy wrote on Instagram, lashing out at him for pretending to be single to create a love story to gain mass support.

Source: Today

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