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Hautes Pyrenees: 18 dates of the autumn stopover program

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The Escales d’Automne of music, theater and dance will be held again this year with an 18-day program from September 23rd to December 14th. A total of 16 municipalities of the Hautes-Pyrénées are involved, from the Luce Saint-Sauveur valley to the Val d’Adour. “The fall stopover program is for all audiences of all ages,” commented Genevieve Isson, her head of culture for the department. “All places in the territory are involved: churches, nature, villages”.

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This new edition adds 2 new municipalities to the 14 that already existed in the previous edition. These are Tostatt, which hosts concerts by local artist Diana Cooper,Uh The following October, the Southwest Symphony Orchestra.

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First day of the program of Les Escales d’Automne: Big Bag Festival in Bagnères-de-Bigorre on Friday 23rd September. From 9 pm, on the stage of Place de Foirail, he will be followed by three groups, each with his two-hour concert series. After his other 16 dates, Escales d’Automne will finish on his 14th December with his Ibos playing for his Parvis. A 17-year-old girl who was placed in foster care in Tarbes from the age of one and a half tells her own life on stage in Irina. “It’s the work that moved me,” adds Dominique Decreau, director of the department’s media library.

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A complete program and information/reservations for fall stopovers are available on the website.

Full program:

  • 09/23 : Concert “Big Bag Festival” Bagneres de Bigorre
  • 05/25 : “Kaleidoscope” Concert at Escaladieu Abbey
  • 01/10 : Concert “Southwestern Symphony Orchestra” at Runnemezin
  • 02/10 : “Diana Cooper” concert at Tostat
  • 10/06 : Theater and Dance “He’s a Maniac” Cauteret
  • 10/08 : Concert “Ursonate” and Circus and Jazz “Seul” Bagneres de Bigorre
  • 10/09 : Concert “Instrumental Ensemble Tarbes Haute Pyrénées” at larule
  • 10/15 : Inside the theater “Heroine” Montgaillard
  • 10/22 : Theater and concerts in Arens Marsus
  • 11/11 : “Jazz on the move” concert Villelong
  • 11/18 : Theater “Forced Marriage” Bagneres de Bigorre
  • 11/20 : Concert “Journey to Baroque Europe” at sauvetail
  • 11/24 : “Marion Cousineau” concert at Lalanne Tory
  • 11/25 : Theater “Baker’s Wife” Luz Saint Sauveur
  • 03/12 : Theater “Ange” Argel Gazost
  • 08/12 : Inside the theater “Too Yellow” Saint Laurent de Neste
  • 10/12 : “Berywam” concert at Vican Bigorre
  • 14/12 : Inside the theater “Irina” Aibos

Source: Ladepeche

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