On October 7, Rigoberta Bandini’s first album will be released, as the singer herself has revealed. This work, to be called The Empress, will combine previously published themes with new unreleased songs

“Let’s see, let’s see, on October 7 something like my first album comes out: The Empress!”, He confessed this Monday. In addition, he wanted to send a message of thanks: “Thank you for being there, I love you so much!”.

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With that announcement he has also published what will be the cover of this album. In it, Rigoberta Bandini herself appears as the protagonist in a drawing of a sky, sitting in the center on a cloud. He wears a cauldron-colored robe that reveals a chest.

The look she completes it with a cap and she wears it too a giant pompom. She is accompanied by eight angels, a winged dog, a drawing of a child also with wings, and a packet of tobacco that crowns the protagonist.

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This announcement comes just two months after Rigoberta said in an interview that she intends to retire: “In the fall I’m going to do the final of the tour, and then I’ll go away for a long time. One thing is to withdraw from the stage, work will be “.