After 16 years of its birth and 15 editions, the 20Blogs Awards evolve, but maintaining its essence. they arrive the 20minutos en la Red Awards to extend recognition to all content creators digital, but still focused on valuing their talent and constant work.

Authors of videosof podcastsof profiles in networks and of course, bloggers can choose to be the winner of the 20minutos en la Red Awards, endowed with 5,000 euros and the invitation to be part of the medium.

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In addition, they can also compete in eight thematic categories different: News and dissemination; Education; Entertainment; Gastronomy; Trips; Sustainability and environment; Woman and Social (Solidarity). And this year added one more award, the special prize that the public will choose among the 32 finalists of the categories.

Supported by Telefónica as the main sponsor and with Fundación La Caixa and SM as collaborators, this first edition of the 20minutos en la Red Awards already has registration open until September 15at which point the jury will begin deliberating.

  • Registration form for the 20minutos en la Red Awards.
  • Legal bases of the 20minutos en la Red Awards.

All you have to do is sign up through the form to be able to become the winner of the 20minutos en la Red Awards, an achievement that many winners of the 20Blogs Awards changed their lives.

“My hobby for writing became a profession”

Daniel Diaz.

Daniel Diaz I only had a year with his blog, Nifreenioccupied, when an aunt of his fully trusted its content and encouraged him to sign up for the second edition. “I applied to give the blog a little more visibility, but with no intention of winning, far from it,” she declares to 20 minutes. And, finally, he won the 20Blogs Award, which was a radical change in his life: “I had a hobby of writing, and it became a profession“.

Apart from the blog, many very varied opportunities arose for me: I started collaborating on radioI did little things in TV… It was a spectacular visibility, not only in Spain, but also in Latin America”, says Díaz, who also published two books: neither free nor busy (2013) and What I know about the rain (2015).

Taxi driver by profession, the blogger he used his work to search for stories and, in this way, although he was with his blog in 20 minutes until 2014, when he voluntarily abandoned it, he continues to be linked to writing. “My main objective of the day was to get stories to write at the end of each day. That made me have a totally different and interesting vision. I was like that for many years, partly thanks to 20 minutes“, he assures. “I’m still a taxi driver, without the taxi I wouldn’t know what to write about“.

I married a reader of the blog and we have a daughter. It was a radical change towards very well

Without a doubt, the award had an impact on his life and, in fact, his articles are partly the cause of his having a family: “I married a reader of the blog and we have a daughter.” “It was a radical change towards very good, I only have thanks“, Add.

There are new formats, which is appreciated, but the important thing remains the same: the ideadesire, availability and having a very clear goal,” he says about the change from 20Blogs Awards to 20minutos en la Red Awards.

Therefore, encourage everyone to sign up: “There are times when you do not believe in your idea and others trust you. And this is the push you need to realize that yours is good. I also thought that I couldn’t get anything at all, I was doing it just for fun, and this meant a change in my life, even professional. You have to try it, whoever has something to say, let him say it. And the awards are a tremendous loudspeaker.”

“Winning changed my life”

Marián García, popularizer known as 'Boticaria García'.

“Tired of hearing the refrain ‘I’ve read on the internet that’, I understood that if I couldn’t beat Dr. Google, I had to join him,” says the well-known pharmacist, nutritionist and health communicator Marián, better known as Apothecary Garcia. Currently, he is a recognized face of television (zapping either the sixth night), from newspapers or from the radio, and has also published several books, but in 2016 he won the 20Blogs Awards.

Winning changed my life. It was that trigger that made it possible for me to professionalize the blog and dissemination”, he declares to 20 minutes. “In addition to the blog, he made videos within the newspaper. He also wrote, occasionally, accompanying the news with opinion articles, and later with a column.”

“Slowly, I was dedicating more time to communication and outreach than to the pharmacy office. This change would not have been possible, at least not at that time or in that way, if in 2016 he had not won the 20Blogs Award. It was something incredible, we were more than 7,000 blogs, “he remembers.”One of the moments of my life to rememberfor the unexpected, and that I still didn’t know what it was going to mean”.

All of us who were in that golden age of bloggers are now on the networks, we have evolved

Boticaria García positively highlights the expansion of formats in the awards, because for her this means that “20 minutesonce again, continues to be at the forefront and continues to evolve”. “All of us who were in that golden era of blogging are now still on the networks, we have evolved, the digital environment is constantly evolving. As part of this, if we content creators understand it, the media also. It is to be appreciated that 20 minutes join.”

To the content creators “I would say to participate, it is always an opportunity to learn, to meet people. Even if they think that it is impossible to win, as I thought, I am proof that you never know. And the awards took an unexpected turn in my career as a broadcaster“.

“That they recognize your work gives a tremendous illusion”

Winnie is the winner of the 5th edition of the 20Blogs Awards with 'Large Minorities'.

Without knowing it, Winnie became the last winner of the 20Blogs Awards in 2021since the next winner will win the 20 Minutes on the Net Award. With his blog, large minoritiesthis journalist was committed to giving visibility to all kinds of diversity by telling life stories.

I wanted people from different groupswhether they are migrants, disabled, with a mental health problem, homeless situations, etc., tell their personal storyas a way of approaching all kinds of realities and to serve as a bit of reference for people who are in a similar situation”, he explains to 20 minutes.

“Winning the award made me very excited. Economically it was very good for me, but above all it gave me great joy because they recognize you. Being recognized for your work as an ant makes a tremendous illusion“, remember.

Adding more formats is still a recognition of other proposals that are phenomenal

“I think blogs are a content proposition, and adding more formats is still a recognition of other proposals who are phenomenal”, says Winnie about the new conception of the awards. For this reason, she encourages all creators to “come forward”.

“It’s okay if you don’t win, but what if you win? I think it’s important to show up for what it means, because you can meet interesting and enriching peopleit can even help you to know the work of other people”, concludes the writer.