carry out a diet healthy and balanced is one of the main recommendations to achieve healthy lifestyles. It is clear that, for this, the diet has to have everything, prioritizing fresh and natural products.

“A balanced, healthy and sustainable diet model is possible prioritizing fruits, vegetables and legumes”specifies the Ministry of Consumption in a publication on its official Twitter account.

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Specifically, the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aesan), belonging to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, has given the new dietary recommendations in order to protect our own health and that of the planet.

How much dairy should you eat a day?

Thus, it has explained what are the daily dairy rations that should be taken to achieve a healthy and balanced diet and has aimed to eat between 0 and 3 productswhich means that, at most, three dairy products should be eaten per day.

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Furthermore, in the report of the Aesan specifies that they should be avoided “those with added sugars and high salt content”prioritizing dairy products that are more natural and low in fat.

Likewise, it is indicated that, “due to its high environmental impact, it is suggested reduce the number of daily servings if other foods of animal origin are consumed.