Dancer Rebirth in Cedric Klapish’s New Film ‘Life is a Dance’


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Life is a Dance, who can deny the profound truth of the title of Cedric Klapish’s new film? It convinces us more than this reality by telling stories of power and rebirth. talent. Dennis Podalides as Henry, Elise’s father, Muriel Robin as Josien, Pio Marmay (Loihi), François Sybille (Jan), Souheila Yacoub (Sabrina) and choreographer girlfriend Hofesh Shechter in their own roles .

life is a dance, plot

Elise Gauthier’s dance has been her life since she was six years old. That is, from the day her late mother took her to her first lesson shortly after. When we meet Elise at the beginning of the movie in which she is the main character, now her twenty years have passed, all through rigorous hours and days of practice, essays, shows, research, and the quest for ultimate perfection. Characterized. The goal of classical dancers.
Although she is currently enjoying a surge in popularity, she finds out about her boyfriend’s betrayal behind the scenes of the show she is appearing on, and gets seriously injured when she goes on stage. Her doctors warn her that her severe sprain could keep her immobile for up to two years.Only her physiotherapist friend, Yann, can help her. Trying to give hope and urging her to quickly get back on her feet and fight to keep chasing her dreams.
For Elise, the injury is a turning point. The prospect of having to give up the things that gave meaning to her days, from the wreckage of her romantic relationships, to her complicated relationship with her father, who left her a widower and left with all limitations, her own and Forced to deal with her whole life. He tried to raise his three daughters in the best possible way. He looked for alternatives. It’s a ‘Plan B’ that she never imagined she would have to think of as a talented and extremely dedicated dancer.

Thus, for Elise, the ballet curtain closes and the dance curtain of her life opens. Between her attempts to believe in herself and her strength, there are enlightening encounters, such as her defining encounter with Josine and an encounter that encourages her. Experiment with the daring Sabrina, also an injured dancer who was forced to give up on her dreams.

Life is reborn between dance, comedy, emotion and spectacular choreographyElise

Between the streets of Paris, the alleys of Montmartre and the wild landscapes of Brittany, Elise’s story of resilience and rebirth is timely unfolded by stunning moments that are true tributes to dance art in all its forms.

It immediately begins with the opening of the film giving the viewer almost 15 minutes of pure grace after Elise engages in what will be her final classical ballet. Exactly like , you will witness a variety of dance performances ranging from the rough and charming art of hip-hop to the powerful and modern choreography proposed by Hoffesh Scheckter.

Cedric Klapish, a great connoisseur of the world of dance and already dedicated documentaries, makes his film a beautiful tribute to this art. Here, choreography is used deftly to highlight Elise’s mood, the stages of her rebirth journey. So it’s a basic narrative element that has a lot of visual impact and blends perfectly with everything else.

Marion Barbeau’s skill is astounding, totally relaxed in front of the camera and bringing the very trusty Elise to life.

The characters surrounding her are also very successful, especially Josian and Sabrina, as well as her lover Jan and her father Henry, who also begin to face difficulties of their own. With his daughter, thanks to his new powers.

Also in this new film, Life is a Dance, the public will discover all the lightness and wisdom in dealing with emotions and relationships of Cedric Klapish.

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