What to watch in the cinema from September 29


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Premieres of the week in the selection of “Rambler”.

A photo: Shot from the film “Era of Survival”Shot from the film “Era of Survival”

“Era of Survival”

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On the Earth of the future, the evolution of nature took place, which turned into a killer of humanity. People who are on the verge of extinction have to fight for their lives every day. And only a girl named Vesper can change the fate of all mankind.


The film takes place in 1945. An American military plane is flying over the German city of the Black Forest when it suddenly loses control. During the fall, the crew members notice a huge amount of crow feathers, which, swirling, form a strange figure of a woman in black. Soldiers are sent in search of the fallen liner to pick up the secret materials that were on board. But in the forest, they encounter a terrible supernatural force.

“Far Close”

Geography teacher Boris lives an ordinary routine life. He has a son, Misha, with whom he communicates and talks heart to heart extremely rarely, which is why they become very far from each other. But everything changes when Misha gives his father a smartphone. Boris registers on social networks, where he accidentally meets a woman named Nadezhda. They begin to correspond, and then Boris decides to go to her, making a surprise. Boris asks his son to take him to his destination. On this trip, they have to communicate a lot and find out the reasons why they have become so distant from each other.

“Do not tell anyone”

A young family on holiday in Italy meets a couple who have a mute child. Pleasant new acquaintances in a few months invite them to visit their country house. But the weekend turns into a nightmare, and cute, as it seemed before, people are not at all who they say they are.

“Curse of the Weeper: The Return”

A young family goes on vacation to Mexico. But during the journey, their son disappears. At first, everyone believes that a local cartel involved in human trafficking is involved in the kidnapping. But it turns out that the disappearance of the boy is connected with more terrible forces.

Source: Rambler

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