Katerina Spitz commented on her appearance in the ranking of the ugliest actresses of the Russian Federation


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36-year-old artist Katerina Shpitsa found her name in the ranking of the ugliest actresses in Russia, and spoke about this in an interview “Arguments of the week“.

A photo: RIA NewsRIA News

“I saw myself on the list of the ugliest actresses … Any appearance limits. I can’t play a bunch of roles because I look young. No, I don’t want to get old, start looking worse. So this is my cross. As an absolute miracle, I always rejoiced , when I was approved for roles that, it would seem, do not suit my type, “

— shared the actress.

Despite the rating, many Spitz fans admire her appearance. The artist also noted that she does not inject beauty:

“I didn’t do even the most harmless mesotherapy. If you make an injection once, you will have to do it again and again, because the body forgets how to self-regulate, and the skin sits down on support from the outside. As for plastic surgery, then, of course, this is the blessing of civilization, if use it wisely.”

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