Elite 6: Release date announced on Netflix


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Good news for all lovers of eliteNetflix has revealed the release date for the highly anticipated sixth season And it’s sooner than we can imagine. Scandals, love dramas, intrigues, broken friendships and new passions are all about to revitalize the high school of Las Encinas ready to set the backdrop for many new stories. But what can we expect from this new chapter in the Spanish teen drama that has kept millions glued to our screens around the world? And when will the new episodes come out? Let’s find out.

Elite 6 Video Announcement

Elite 6 plot

A new season is coming to Las Encinas with more stories to come. After Philip’s fateful New Year’s Eve party and Guzman’s escape, the secret of Armando’s death could ruin the romance between Samuel and Ali. recovers from separation from Andel.Also starring Adam Norow, who won the Goya Award for Best Emerging Actor for this film. Adu And now playing the role of Bilal would further complicate his relationship with Samuel. A possible gift from Armando to Mencia, the pact of silence between Samuel and Rebekah does not last long and has the worst consequences. Isadora (switchboard girl), played by André Lamoglia, the young heiress to a huge nightclub empire, Yvan (huaca – surfers), the son of the world’s greatest football star. Both, of course, do not go unnoticed.

When Elite 6 comes to Netflix

new episodes of elite 6 Debuts on Netflix on November 18th in all countries where the service is active.

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