What happened to Alexandra Zakharova after the death of the famous pope


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It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that the famous director Mark Zakharov was the main man in the life of his daughter Alexandra. Rambler tells how the life of the actress has changed after the death of her father.

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Mark Zakharov passed away in 2019, this is an irreparable loss for cinema and theater, he left many wonderful films and magnificent performances at the Lenkom Theater, and his daughter, actress Alexandra Zakharova, became his only heiress.

In fact, little Alexandra had no doubts about who to become when she grew up, her choice was predetermined: her mother was an actress, her father was a director. The daughter continued the dynasty and easily entered the theater school. After her release, she had several invitations to different theaters, but she made her choice in favor of Lenkom. But dad was strict and did not give her the main roles for quite some time. She received the first big role in the play not of her father, but of director Gleb Panfilov.

But in the cinema, Mark Zakharov filmed his daughter and allowed to act in films with other directors. Over time, he became convinced that Alexandra could play a variety of roles and began to invite her to his productions. So, Alexandra Zakharova became one of the leading actresses of the theater.

But after the death of the director, a new artistic director came to Lenkom, with his own vision of the development of the theater. There were rumors that Alexandra Zakharova had problems with alcohol, although her colleagues defended the actress and called them idle speculation.

Second casts with the participation of young artists were introduced into the performances, and not only Alexandra Zakharova, but also other actors, such as Dmitry Pevtsov, appeared to replace them. The actress began to go on stage less often, and since September she was completely removed from all productions, due to “age discrepancy”.

Now Alexandra Zakharova is trying to prove in court that her rights to the performances staged by her father, since she is his only heir.

Source: Rambler

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