Smile, an hour and a half of pure horror psychological horror


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If you see them laughing… it’s too late. This is the claim that accompanies Parker Finn’s Psycho-His horror film Smile, which opens in Italian cinemas distributed by Eagle Pictures on September 29th. The film gives the audience an hour and a half of high tension, leading them to follow the events of Dr. Rose Cotter, played by Sosie Bacon. Also starring Jesse Usher, Kyle Gallner, Rob Morgan, Kal Penn, and Kaitlyn Stacey.

smile, plot

Dr. Rose Cotter is a psychiatrist who cares for people who come to the psychiatric emergency room of a large hospital. She is used to working under stress, up to 80 hours a week, dealing with difficult cases and acute episodes, but she does not suffer much from the severity of this physical and emotional exhaustion. . Everything changes the day she is forced to witness the suicide of a patient Rose has been tracking for several minutes. From that moment on, the psychiatrist remained obsessed with the event and began seeing things that others had not seen, making the victim of bizarre hallucinations similar in every way to what the patient revealed before committing suicide. The visions become more and more frightening and frequent, and Rose, who is quickly seen as ill by her colleagues, friends and relatives, begins to investigate the phenomenon and discover a disconcerting truth. Forced to face the past he was trying to bury. Thus, the doctor painfully travels back in time to face the moment that changed her life forever, the day her mother committed suicide, a reality she still does not know if she will rediscover and find the strength to face. I will travel face.

Smiles, a terrifying metaphor for unresolved trauma

If you like feeling the chills running down your skin and jumping in a chair in terror, do it once, twice, three times, over, over, and over, and over, and over, and over again, in an hour and a half. Again and again and again and again and again and again, the story unfolds, and perhaps a truly terrifying story unfolds. Smile there. You will love it.・Looking at the cotter. Alienation. On the other hand, is there a greater fear than that which lives and nourishes our troubled, wounded, or traumatized minds, like Dr. Rose and her patients? is clear to Traumas that we don’t face, perhaps deep pains that we hide with an obvious smile, will curse us, amplifying our fears and counteracting us from within.

It’s a trope that the director deploys using a wealth of classic paraphernalia from the great horror films, with visuals such as harrowing shots using an inverted camera and many passages that can create tension and then explode. There are various scenes of great impact and emotion. With a classic jump on a chair for fear. Certainly nothing is more terrifying than an allusion, so the first part of the film, where less special effects are used and more “mental” effects are used, is more effective, and the horror caused by the effects. Create the perfect suspense before a total explosion. The final part of the film will completely satisfy those who like to see horror embodied in scary, mysterious and extremely ferocious entities.

Rating: 6.5


Source: Today

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