‘Everything Calls for Salvation’, Netflix’s New Mental Health Drama


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Netflix released a trailer and poster today all seek salvationThe seven-episode series, loosely based on 2020 Strega Giovani Prize winner Daniele Mencarelli’s autobiographical novel of the same name, will soon be available on Netflix. Directed by Francesco Bruni, who co-wrote the series with Daniele Mencarelli, Daniela Gambaro and Francesco Chenni. This series is produced by pico media. But let’s take a closer look to understand what to expect from this new Netflix title.

Here Everything trailer asks for salvation

Everything Conspiracy Seeks Redemption

Does spending seven days in TSO mean you’re insane? You wake up in a ward dorm with five unlikely roommates who feel pressured to believe you have nothing in common. They were looked after by a doctor who wanted to mess with his brain, and by a nurse who seemed cynical and indifferent.

But seven days is a long time, and what initially seemed like one sentence slowly transforms into one of the most intense and formative experiences of his life. A drama of existence that reinterprets the roots of our best bitter comedies in a contemporary key, moving from the discomfort of a new generation and their enigmatic lives to a heartbreaking yet hopeful cry for help. is reinterpreted as

Tutto’s cast seeks salvation

In addition to Federico Cesari as the protagonist Daniele, Andrea Penacchi (Mario), Vincenzo Claire (Gianluca), Lorenzo Renzi (Giorgio), Vincenzo Nemorato (Madonnina) and Alessandro Pacione (Alessandro) are roommates in the psychiatric department. is playing Ward. Fotin√¨ Peluso (Nina) plays her companion Daniele met in high school and found in her ward. Ricky Memphis (Pino), Bianca Nappi (Rossana) and Fraule B.B. Caborre (Alessia) play the nurses, while Filippo Nigro (Dr. Mancino) and Rafaela Revoloni (Dr. Cimaroli) play the clinic doctors . Lorenza Indovina (Anna), Michele La Ginestra (Angelo), Ariana Mattioli (Antonella), Daniele’s mother, father and sister. Carolina Crescentini (Giorgia) is her Nina’s mother.

When It Comes Out, All Will Seek Salvation On Netflix

Italian new series all seek salvation Releases October 14th on Netflix in all countries where the service is active.


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